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Volume 1

vol1_1 vol1_2

Track 1 james brown-give it up turnit a loose
Track 2 little richard-tutti frutti
Track 3 jerry lee lewis-breathless
Track 4 dennis coffey-scorpio
Track 5 john lee hooker-drug store woman
Track 6 lowell dorsey-get out of my life woman
Track 7 rufus thomas-ittch & scratch
Track 8 the jb's-the grunt
Track 9 the dramatics-get up & get down
Track10 flaming ember-gotta get away
Track11 the jimmy castor brunch-it's just begun
Track12 kool and the gang-et
Track13 betty everett-hound dog
Track14 little richard-money money
Track15 rockin' rebels-let's play house
Track16 el vez-it's now or never
Track17 jerry lee lewis-don't be cruel
Track18 dead kennedys-viva las vegas
Track19 the sonics-psycho
Track20 johnathan richman and the modern lovers-she cracked
Track21 gil bateman-my daddy walked in darkness
Track22 rocky & the riddlers-flash and crash

Volume 2

vol2_1 vol2_2

Track 1 adolescents -la girl
Track 2 the weirdos -life of crime
Track 3 james brown -there was a time
Track 4 blonde redhead -elephant woman
Track 5 ramsey lewis -triowade in the water
Track 6 marlena shaw -liberation conversation
Track 7 muddy waters -tom cat
Track 8 tommy tucker -hi-heel sneakers
Track 9 sonny boy williamson -fattening frogs for snakes
Track 10 fontella bass -i surrender
Track 11 terry callier -ordinary joe
Track 12 etta james -i'd rather go blind
Track 13 johnny cash -one piece at a time
Track 14 serge gainsbourg (with brigitte bardot) -bonnie and clyde
Track 15 afel bocoum -buribalal
Track 16 artesians -trick bag
Track 17 paul revere & the raiders -just like me
Track 18 bunker hill -the girl can't dance
Track 19 the amboy dukes -baby please don't go
Track 20 wanda jackson -hard headed woman
Track 21 charlie rich -break up
Track 22 carl perkins -honey don't
Track 23 big mama thornton -hound dog

Volume 3

vol3_1 vol3_2

Track 1: rufus thomas- bear cat
Track 2: muddy waters- got my mojo working
Track 3: gil scott-hernon & brian jackson- the bottle
Track 4: jerry lee lewis- drinkin'wine spo-dee-o-dee
Track 5: amos milburn- one scotch, one bourbon, one beer
Track 6: nina simone- give me a pigfoot & a bottle of beer
Track 7: steve wynn- this strange effect
Track 8: the thanes- you shouldn't be sad
Track 9: garnet mimms- as long
Track 10: muddy waters- you need love
Track 11: little willie john- fever
Track 12: howlin' wolf- spoonful
Track 13: muddy waters- mannish boy
Track 14: betty swann- the heartache is gone
Track 15: ike & tina- he's the
Track 16: the isley brothers- it's your thing
Track 17: accept- fast as a shark
Track 18: t.c. matic- a la la la la
Track 19: zZz- xtc
Track 20: rene hall- cleo
Track 21: dave "baby" cortez- car nip
Track 22: jimmy smith- the cat
Track 23: jamie ross with kenny rice & leo's five- let's do the cat
Track 24: cypress hill- looking through the eye of a pig
Track 25: the legendary stardust cowboy- down in the wrecking yard

Volume 4

vol4_1 vol4_2

Track 1: elvis hitler- showdown
Track 2:gallon drunk- just one more
Track 3:geto boys- no nuts no glory
Track 4:fatboy slim- the weekend starts here
Track 5:edwyn collins- a girl like you
Track 6:the doors- the wasp
Track 7:sunsplash
Track 8:wailing souls- kingdom rise kingdom fall
Track 9:percy sledge- warm and tender love
Track 10:consolidated- you suck
Track 11:brutal truth- the birth of ignorance
Track 12:kc and the sunshineband- that's the way (i like it)
Track 13:jimi hendrix- wild thing
Track 14:the starlite wranglers- whisper of the devil
Track 15:speedball jr- v8
Track 16:soundgarden- jesus christ pose
Track 17:vera lynn- we'll meet again

Volume 5

vol5_1 vol5_2

Track 1: beastie boys- go what'cha want
Track 2:audioslave- show me how to live
Track 3:dick brave & the backbeats- get the party started
Track 4:dick dale- esperanza
Track 5:the rubettes- sugar baby love
Track 6:fatboy slim- give the po'man a break
Track 7:gallon drunk- some fool's mess
Track 8:geto boys- g.e.t.o.
Track 9:machine head- block
Track 10:orange blossom- desert dub
Track 11:pixies- cecilia ann
Track 12:reverend horton heat- 400 bucks
Track 13:the starlite wranglers- still my site
Track 14:the cramps- eyeball in my martini
Track 15:the jeff healey band- see the light
Track 16:dillenger- cocaine in my brain
Track 17:sequencial- big boom
Track 18:meat beat manifesto- edge of no control
Track 19:house of pain- jump around

Volume 6

vol6_1 vol6_2

Track 1: nino ferrer- mirza
Track 2:ronnie bird- chante
Track 3:nino ferrer- les cornichons
Track 4:jo alan- les bons conseils
Track 5:alice dona- c'est pas prudent
Track 6:patricia carli- lamour en cage
Track 7:gillian hills- tut tut tut tut
Track 8:laura ulmer- amoureux d'une affiche
Track 9:jaqueline taieb- 7 heures du matin
Track 10:stella- beatnicks d'occaison
Track 11:jacques dutronc- le responsable
Track 12:jean-jacques perrey- e.v.a.
Track 13:rita- erotic
Track 14:brigitte bardot- contact
Track 15:petula clark- un jeure homme bien
Track 16:sophie- je ne fais pas d'histoires
Track 17:anna karina- roller girl
Track 18:5 gentlemen- si tu reviens chez moi
Track 19:francoise hardy- comment te dire adieu
Track 20:france gall- teenie weenie boppie
Track 21:leonard herbert- laissez entrer le soleil
Track 22:delizia- j'ai rendez vous
Track 23:silvie vartan- ne t'en vas pas
Track 24:natacha snitkine- jeu du telephone
Track 25:brigitte bardot- je dans donc je suis
Track 26:les parisiennes- on recoit on envoie
Track 27:brigitte bardot- tu veux ou tu veux pas
Track 28:erik st. laurent- je temps d'y penser
Track 29:claude channes- mon pote rallo
Track 30:jacqueline taieb- le coeur au bout des doigts

Volume 7

vol7_1 vol7_2

Track 1: groovers- groovy
Track 2: singing dogs- rock & roll
Track 3: bobby christian- enough man!
Track 4: the lushes- drunken guitar
Track 5: bob taylor- wowsville
Track 6: jack hammer- wiggling fool
Track 7: jesters- jesters jump
Track 8: willie wright & his sparklers- gibble gobble
Track 9: andre williams- sweet little pussycat
Track 10: the gee-cees- buzzsaw
Track 11: the charts- for the birds
Track 12: arch hall jr- kongo joe
Track 13: tommy hancock- tacos for two
Track 14: the war locks- the temper tantrum
Track 15: joe and the furries- weasel
Track 16: tom reeves- primitive love
Track 17: the playboys- mope de mope
Track 18: the hustlers- linda
Track 19: the spacemen- retro
Track 20: century five- la moomba kasa boo boo cha cha cha
Track 21: countdown and the moonsters- hindu on a honda
Track 22: naturals- the hook
Track 23: johnny ray gomez & the u-neeks- kick off
Track 24: the oddballs- rockin' in the jungle
Track 25: granger hunt & the relievers- motor mouth
Track 26: selwyn cox- his name is jesus
Track 26: the revels- conga twist
Track 27: the peeple- hi yo camel
Track 28: hully gully boys- yabby
Track 29: kookie joe- kookie jimbo
Track 30: jan davis- watusi zombie
Track 31: the merits- arabian jerk
Track 32: harvey- any way you wanta
Track 33: x-terminators- wild hare

Volume 8

vol8_1 vol8_2

Track 1: the golden catalinas- can your monkey do the dog
Track 2: calypso joe- zombie jamboree
Track 3: los aragon- zoologica negro
Track 4: bobby arlin- mushroom machine
Track 5: monsieur cannibale
Track 6: drs. P dodenrit
Track 7: the tornados jungle fever
Track 8: ton lebbink voetbalknieen
Track 9: N.E.R.D. (+Nelly Furtado) hot 'n fun
Track 10: Lindstrom & Christabelle
Track 11: Eldridge Holmes po, popcorn children
Track 12: The Mighty Imperials thunder chicken
Track 13: Alvin Cash poppin' popcorn
Track 14: Irene Reid dirty ole man
Track 15: Pipi eats Cherries dirty old man
Track 16: Jimbo Johnson & The Violators popcorn
Track 17: The Screaming Blue Messiahs mega city
Track 18: The Sonics the witch
Track 19: The Sonics cinderella
Track 20: The Sonics he's waiting
Track 21: The Sonics do you love me
Track 22: Man or Astro-man? test driver
Track 23: Beastie Boys so what'cha want
Track 24: Dick Dale esperanza

Volume 9

vol9_1 vol9_2

Track 1: dickie treadway & the salados one to ten
Track 2: jimmy hanna- leaving here
Track 3: roger pierre et jean marc thibault- boof!
Track 4: les guitares de dimanche- sur une nappe de restaurant
Track 5: phillipe nicaud- c'ex
Track 6: sugar & sweet- do the dive
Track 7: gino parks- same thing
Track 8: bettye smith- much too much
Track 9: the crystals- i got a man
Track 10: ted taylor- somebody's always trying
Track 11: terry and the chain reaction- keep your cool
Track 12: lydia marcelle- everybody dance
Track 13: billy fury- what do you think you're doing of
Track 14: lesley gore - no matter what you do
Track 15: the dartells- clap your hands
Track 16: the tidal wave- searchin' for love
Track 17: the spats- she done moved
Track 18: brenton wood- psychotic reaction
Track 19: les hou-lops- batman
Track 20: warren lee- star revue
Track 21: gwen owen- i lost a good thing
Track 22: the nite lites -1,2 boogaloo
Track 23: moe koffman -coco mamie
Track 24: the fabulous playboys- honkey tonk woman
Track 25: brice coefield- cha-cha twist
Track 26: lester young and his california playboys- wobble time
Track 27: the ambertones- clap your hands
Track 28: ray scott & the scottsmen- right now
Track 29: the legends- alright
Track 30: the shan-tones- sheba
Track 31: mel williams- sookie

Volume 10(surf)

vol10_1 vol10_2

Track 1: Los Wet-Tones- 7th wave
Track 2: The Kilaueas- tunguska blast
Track 3: The Phantom Four- kyma
Track 4: Dusk- tales from the crypt
Track 5: Spaceguards- rio jara
Track 6: El Ray- stuck in an elevator
Track 7: The Sidemen- kingston a go-go
Track 8: Los Venturas- ventura groove
Track 9: The Anacondas- la dansa de los muertos
Track 10: Front 242- funkahdafi
Track 11: The Horrors- whao can say
Track 12: Los Bravos- black is back
Track 13: The Fabulous Wailers- i idolize you
Track 14: Los Hooligans- agujetas de color de rosa
Track 15: The Wailers- you weren't using your head
Track 16: The Wailers- out of our tree
Track 17: The Sonics- have love, will travel
Track 18: The Wailers- hang up
Track 19: The easybeats- she's so fine
Track 20: 60 garage punk - dirty shames makin' love
Track 21: Garage Gods- lost in tyme
Track 22: Desperates- LSD
Track 23: 60 Garage,- surf, freakbeat & Psychodelic Music
Track 24: The Shays- brainwashed
Track 25: The Poets- that's the way it's got to be
Track 26: Les Goths- turn over
Track 27: The Delvetts -last time around

Volume 11 (reggae)

vol11_1 vol11_2

Track 1: Tenor Saw- golden hen
Track 2: Tall T and the Touchers- touching the president
Track 3: The Uniques- queen majesty
Track 4: I Roy and Dennis Walks- combination drifter
Track 5: Yabby You- conquering lion
Track 6: Earth and Stone -in time to come
Track 7: Jackie Mittoo- el bang bang
Track 8: The Skatalites- addis ababa
Track 9: The Skatalites- beardsman ska
Track 10: Tommy McCook- freedom sounds
Track 11: The Maytals- marching on
Track 12: Roland Alphonso- scambalena
Track 13: Andy & Joey- you're wondering now
Track 14: Morgan Heritage & Bounty Killer- guns in the ghetto
Track 15: Augustus Pablo- east of the river nile
Track 16: Mudies All-Stars- loran's dance
Track 17: Jacob Miller- healing of the nation
Track 18: Joe Gibbs- african dub chapter three
Track 19: Byron Lee- frankenstein
Track 20: The Duke of Burlington- flute for president
Track 21: The Duke of Burlington- i want you back
Track 22: Piero Piccioni- per la strada di roma
Track 23: Nora Orlandi- soho
Track 24: Armand Trovaioli- bada caterina
Track 25: Piero Piccioni- easy dreamer

Volume 12

vol12_1 vol12_2

Track 1: Puccio Roelens peggy
Track 2: Mario Molino scotch baal
Track 3: Mirageman el paso
Track 4: Marc 4 sketch
Track 5: Marc 4 wonder
Track 6: Babe Pereira can't you see
Track 7: El Chicles drugbay
Track 8: Kiki l'agent secret
Track 9: Les Bourreaux surfin' rope
Track 10: Jo Bossa die muziek
Track 11: Roy Lee Johnson boogaloo nr 3
Track 12: The Impacts thunder chicken
Track 13: Lucky Jones de plus en plus fort
Track 14: Bainc Didonc cheveux dans le vert
Track 15: Alain Boissanger crazy girl crazy world
Track 16: Nelly Perrier un soir d'ťtť
Track 17: Emma Franklin i don't want no mamas boy
Track 18: Varetta Dillard that's why i cry
Track 19: Malcolm Hayes searchin' for my baby
Track 20: Esnew Reeder undevided love
Track 21: Howard Carpendale du hast mich
Track 22: Anubian Lights the mating urge
Track 23: Seksu Roba intersexual overdrive
Track 24: Jo Martens belly coil dance
Track 25: Dorian & The McKenzies stay with me
Track 26: Lightning Red tequila
Track 27: Fontanas whipping post
Track 28: Mr. Wally & Green Light neptune

Volume 13

vol13_1 vol13_2

Track 1: zZz- ecstacy
Track 2: zZz- house of sin
Track 3: zZz- lucy
Track 4: Arthur NoiŽl- it'll make you holler
Track 5: Little Genie Brooks- the james brown boogaloo
Track 6: Reggie Powell- do the ape
Track 7: The Persians- let's monkey again
Track 8: Dorothy Parker- shindig city
Track 9: Af-Tabs- the broom
Track 10: The Latin Dimension- mister mod
Track 11: The Gestics- invasion
Track 12: Ronnie Fuller- do the dive
Track 13: Eddie & The Ravelons- baby dumplins
Track 14: Tiny Fuller- catwalk
Track 15: The Puddle Jumpers- quiet dad
Track 16: Arthur Griswold- pretty mama blues
Track 17: Higher Than God- night trap
Track 18: Dodo- soilent green
Track 19: Mystic Moods Orchestra- cosmic sea
Track 20: Antena- camino del sol
Track 21: Toni Bruno- chase of death
Track 22: Hayner Boehm- playing time & beyond
Track 23: The Ray Makers- tender 'n' tasty
Track 24: Bruno Nicolai- kiss bang bang
Track 25: Mystic Moods Orchestra- cosmic sea
Track 26: Piero Piccioni- party al piper

Volume 14

vol14_1 vol14_2

Track 1: Carleen & The Groovers- hot pants
Track 2: Syl Johnson- annie got hot pants power
Track 3: The Rhythm Machine- hot pants
Track 4: 20th Century- hot pants part 1
Track 5: The Soul Bros- girl in the hot pants
Track 6: Guy Morris- hot pants party
Track 7: Bernard Lee & Les Dragons-?
Track 8: Don Covay & The Jefferson- Lemo sookie sookie
Track 9: J-Walk- soul vibration
Track 10: Wakefield Brothers- the ?
Track 11: Mel Willams- sookie
Track 12: Primitives- sookie sookie
Track 13: Tousaint McCall- shimmy
Track 14: Liquid Liquid- scraper
Track 15: Malcolm Catto- ?
Track 16: The Brady Bunch- drummer
Track 17: Rosetta Hightower- rockin'
Track 18: Sam & The Soul Walkers- ?
Track 19: Willie Tell & The Overture- ?
Track 20: Rjd2- let the good times
Track 21: Rufas Thomas- memphis trash
Track 22: Phil Flowers- like a roll
Track 23: Bobby and Betty- go to the ?
Track 24: Alfreda Brockington- spill ?
Track 25: The Bobby Fuller Four- ?
Track 26: Candi Staton- best thing you ever had
Track 27: The Three Degrees- you're the fool
Track 28: Union- strike
Track 29: Ruby Andrews- casanova
Track 30: The Herbaliser feat. Jessica D- you're not all that

Volume 15

vol15_1 vol15_2

Track 1: The Treble Spankers- mirananda
Track 2: The Treble Spankers- das model
Track 3: The Treble Spankers- the yellow river
Track 4: The Treble Spankers- dilmohammed
Track 5: The Treble Spankers- the good, the bad & the ugly
Track 6: The Treble Spankers- the cruel sea
Track 7: The Treble Spankers- black eyes
Track 8: The Treble Spankers- honda 400 four
Track 9: The Treble Spankers- brunhilde
Track 10: The Treble Spankers- margaya
Track 11: The Treble Spankers- araban
Track 12: Arthur NoiŽl- it'll make you holler
Track 13: Ernie Fields & his Orchestra- workin' out
Track 14: Varetta Dillard- that's why i cry
Track 15: Jimmy Vick & The Victors- take a trip
Track 16: Ella Fitzgerald- ringo beat
Track 17: Gene Stridel- let her go
Track 18: Bobby Hamilton- how come
Track 19: The Chants- dick tracey
Track 20: Little Jewel- i want to
Track 21: Curtis Blandon- mr. Imagination
Track 22: Slim Harpo- i'm a king bee
Track 23: Slim Harpo- bobby sox baby
Track 24: The Gestics- invasion
Track 25: Ronnie Fuller- do the dive
Track 26: Eddie & The Ravelons- baby dumplins
Track 27: Tiny Fuller- catwalk
Track 28: The Puddle Jumpers- quiet dad
Track 29: zZz- house of sin
Track 30: Sjef van Oekel- zuurkool met vette jus

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